What's Up With... Jeremy Clements?

Photo by Wesley Daniel / TheRacingExperts.Com
Although Jeremy Clements (51) has not scored a lead lap finish this season, he has finished every race and is currently scored 14th in points. 

By Zachary Lange
TheRacingExperts.Com Reporter

NASCAR’s Nationwide Series is known for some of the most promising up and coming drivers that this sport has to offer. But, in shaky economic times, the gap between teams with money and teams without money has become increasingly noticeable race after race. Despite lack of funds, driver Jeremy Clements from Spartanburg, South Carolina has proven to his fellow competitors that he won’t go down without a fight.

“Coming into this year I had hoped to run better, but without a full time sponsor due to the tough economic times we haven’t been able to get that. Also, we have had bad luck with equipment breaking and getting caught up in other people’s wrecks. But overall we have been running average,” said Clements about his opinion on how he has run this year. “But, there’s definitely room for improvement,” Clements added.

Clements is coming off a season best 10th place at Dover last week. And with that season best finish, Clements plans on carrying momentum to the next couple of tracks.

“[Finishing well] always gives me a boost to race with the big teams and it pumps me up and has me looking forward to the next few races.”

This season is the second for Clements being a driver and an owner. While some may see that as a benefit to have the ability to call your own shots, Clements sees things slightly different.

“The problem is, when you are racing for the team that you own you have to make sure you don’t put yourself in a bad situation to get your car wrecked because it will hurt you monetarily.  I do a lot of give and take [on track], because I don’t want to do anything stupid to get the car wrecked and cost my team money that I can’t spend.” Clements remarked on how you race differently being a driver/owner team.

Despite having to give and take a little more, Clements still thinks racing for his own team is a successful venture.

“It’s [racing for himself] working, it’s obviously not the ideal situation, and I’d like to be in a more competitive car, but I’m grateful for what I do have, and It’s a lot better than sitting at home. And if you’re not out there you’re forgotten.”

Clements, who cites Justin Allgaier as the most competitive racer besides himself, looks forward the newly repaved Michigan that is the next stop on the Nationwide Series tour.

“[Michigan’s] going to be super-fast. I think we’re gone be hitting big speeds,” said Clements about the racing at repaved Michigan. “And hopefully there will be grip with the new pavement like there was with new repave of Pocono.”

Overall, Clements goals for the season are to finish as best as he can in points, his two main goals are to finish top 20 in owner points, and 15th in every race. Those goals are challenging for the family race team, but with the passion and competitiveness that Clements carries on the track, it is one that can be accomplished.