What's Up? Peyton Sellers
Photo used with permission from Wikipedia.org

By Zachary Lange
TheRacingExperts.com Lead Reporter

There are household names such as Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, or Dale Earnhardt Jr. that compete each week in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series for Hendrick Motorsports. But there are names that may not ring a bell to the mediocre NASCAR fan—Peyton Sellers may be one of them. However, Peyton has something more that most drivers might not have, his family. Sellers drives for his family team in Sellers Racing. Peyton told me he has something that drivers may not have as much as at the bigger teams race shops.
“Trust” Peyton said. “You can depend on them [my family] from the time they walk in the shop to the time they leave.” 
Even as a kid, he had trust at the race shop because Peyton has raced since age seven in go karts. He thanks “the Good Lord” but, he added that “I never got unfocused and was never a troublemaker as a kid.”
But there have been setbacks in his career, such as New Hampshire last year when his Nationwide qualifying time was disallowed. When asked about the problem with the car, he talked out the whole problem “We used the wrong fuel,” he told me (leaded fuel is what they used, Nationwide uses unleaded). “We use [leaded] with our late model. We had gotten the fuels mixed up, and we tried pumping it out. But the fuel cell had trace amounts of leaded fuel. And the $10,000 fine wasn’t good either. We knew NASCAR checks the fuel after qualifying, so we had no intention to violate rules. It was just an oversight.”
Looking to the present, however, I asked him what he would be racing in this year. He told me he was planning on running Denny Hamlin’s late model race at Richmond in late April. In addition, he plans to run late model races throughout the year. The most exciting to me was his return to the Camping World Truck Series in June at O’Reilly Raceway Park with the help of Turn One Racing, Sellers plans on attempting a few truck races this year. 
I asked if he plans to run a full year some time soon. “No sponsorship,” Peyton replied. “We wish we could, but racing won’t support itself. So I’m going to pick select races to sell sponsorship for, and hopefully, that sponsorship grows.” 
So, maybe he can’t run full time, but Peyton thinks there are pros and cons to this. “I have always wanted to race, however, with a part time team, you have more time to prepare cars, on the flip side, you need to be there week in and week out to gain experience.”
Lastly, when asked about his legacy in NASCAR, he replied humbly “I want to be the guy that everyone enjoys to be around, and that all my competitors respect me on and off the track.”
Peyton has my respect, and I hope he has the respect of other drivers, but when it comes to  racing, you will always need trust. Trust is what Peyton has. Look out NASCAR, a family team is looking to make a return—a long awaited return for racing. 

Fast Facts:

Favorite Genre of Music?  Country, but likes a little bit of everything.
Favorite Hobby? Football, Soccer, Mountain Biking
Favorite Food(s)? Grilled Chicken
First memory of NASCAR? Has to be going to the Busch (Nationwide) races, with my dad. 

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