What’s Up With… Spencer Gallagher 

Photo by Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

Spencer Gallagher turns laps at Texas Motor Speedway in June 2015.

By Zachary Lange
Staff Reporter
July 10, 2015


For Spencer Gallagher and family run team GMS Racing, the season has been consistent.  Gallagher in his first 7 races averaged 14th. But in the heat of the summer, the team and Gallagher have picked up the pace considerably.

Running the full 2015 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series schedule, Gallagher has posted two top-ten finishes in the last three races, including a career best 2nd at Gateway Motorsports Park. Gallagher looks to continue to remain as hot as the dog days of summer.

Spencer Gallagher

Zachary Lange: This year for you has you competing in your first full NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season. How would you assess the season so far?

Spencer Gallagher: “I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far this season, a couple ups and downs in terms of finishes but our GMS Racing team always bands together. We’ve finished second at Gateway and seventh in Iowa...so with a couple good (finishes) in a row we look forward to carrying that into Kentucky.”

ZL: Your first P2 in your NASCAR career came at Gateway, was it excitement that ran through you for your best career finish, or disappointment that ran through you because it wasn’t P1?

SG: “I think that day was excitement, we made a great strategy call at the end and got ourselves in position to make the right move. All day we were struggling for speed there, but Crew Chief Jeff (Stankiewicz) really got us fixed up and we turned a lump of coal into a diamond.”

ZL:  What are some of the challenges that come along with your first full season in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series?

SG: “Biggest one obviously is learning, every other track I’ve been to is new to me and I’ve never seen the place, and most tracks is the first time in a truck which is very different from the ARCA cars I’ve driven before. So the biggest thing is just adjusting to the race pace of the truck and how to handle it in traffic. That’s been the biggest challenges but I’m having a great time of it.”

ZL: The Camping World Series has a significant amount of off weeks compared to the top two touring series. Do you feel a sense of rhythm you can build off each start? Or are the gaps in time too much to establish a “week in, week out” type rhythm.

SG: “The trick I’ve found when you have gaps in the schedule is keeping myself busy dirt racing. That’s what has really helped me out because it keeps myself in a constant racer mentality.

“Just driving something every weekend. I’ve taken the late model out and also started driving a modified as well so I can get two starts a week as opposed to one, it’s a great way to keep the ol’ blade sharp.”

ZL: So even though the cars are different, just the racer mentality you have going into every race is what keeps you sharp?

SG: “It’s the competition that is what really keeps you sharp…the cars can be as different as they wanna be, as long as you’re racing something that’s what keeps you going.”

ZL: After a weekend at the track that doesn’t go your way, what is the best way to escape the track and get your mind off of racing?

Photo by Daniel Shirey/NASCAR via Getty Images

Spencer Gallagher (23) races Christopher Bell at Iowa Speedway in June 2015.

SG: “A couple of things…having a lazy Sunday at home and just relaxing is certainly a way to keep your mind off of racing. I have an Xbox One and love to play Destiny.”

ZL: I don’t mean to brag, but I am a level 32 Titan.

SG: “Oh I have level 34 on all three subclasses (Titan, Warlock, and Hunter)…I really like to play and nothing is more satisfying than blowing up space monsters (laughs).”

ZL: Recently, you called an ARCA Series race on CBS Sports Network at Winchester, how did you enjoy it? Would it be something you’d take up after your racing career?

SG: “Oh absolutely I enjoyed it. Being in the booth with the likes of Rick Benjamin and Jim Tretow was an honor and it was really cool to have Charlie Krall in the pits reporting.

“After my racing career, it’s definitely something I would take up, as long as I can contribute insight and information into how a car works I would love to be in the broadcast booth again.”

ZL: Will you be doing any more ARCA broadcast this season? – (Mark from Florida)

“Right now we are trying to see if the race at Illinois (also broadcast by CBS Sports Network) would fit into my schedule. After that I’m not really sure.”

ZL: What influenced you to be a racer? – (Spencer from North Carolina)

“Funny that a Spencer should ask this question, because a kid by the name of Spencer Clark is my main influence in racing. Growing up in Las Vegas, he would race late models and him and his dad T.J were very influential.

Sadly Spencer is no longer with us (died in a vehicular accident in 2006) but he was my main influence in what I do today.” 

ZL: What is your favorite genre of music? – (Brittney from South Carolina)

SG: “My taste in music is definitely very weird. I’ll start typically with something along the lines of the Red Hot Chili Peppers but then end up later in a completely different genre then where I started. I would definitely say The Smashing Pumpkins is my favorite band.”

ZL: Maybe you can go to Warped Tour like Bubba Wallace. 
(Spencer was not watching the Xfinity race at Daytona as he was racing his modified that Saturday night, I explained to him the interview Wallace gave saying he was going to Warped Tour the next day)

SG: “(Laughs) That’s awesome, I mean if you’re in a place like Daytona you might as well go party.”


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