Xander Reviews: Week 27 @ New Hampshire Motor Speedway


By: Xander Clements

Reporter and Technical Producer of TRE Podcasts

Date: September 20th, 2010


      This week the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series visited the rough mile race track up in New England that is the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. This race had drama not only with the chasers trying to get the first chance to grab points but the always tough short track racin' that comes at a speedway with truly only one lane of racing.


       The race started off with Brad 'The Big' Keselowski leading the field down to the green flag. However, he was only able to lead one single lap as the number fourteen of the Office Depot Chevrolet Impala of Tony Stewart nearly blew his doors off. Stewart would hold the lead for many laps until a caution would come out and simply wash away his huge lead.

       Clint Bowyer also proved he was a force to reckon with when he was able to battle for the lead and stay on top for a long time at the front of the pack. The Cheerios Chevrolet qualified in the second position and fell back a bit at the beginning, but once his tires were heated up he was off and went straight for the first position.