Xander Predicts: Monster Mile

By: Xander Clements

Date: September 22nd, 2010

      After some rough racing in New Hampshire that left half of the chase drivers in the top 5 and the others 24th or worse. Clint Bowyer pulled off the victory, but remember, that was a different track, a different game. This week the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series heads to the 'Monster Mile' in Dover Delaware, where a bunch of different drivers in and even some out of the chase hold near perfect records at the 1.0-mile racetrack. This track brings together short track racing and large ammounts of bankings in the turns providing for great action, and wrecks.

*FLASHBACK* If you look back to the races in 2008, one of them contained what is the track's record of most cars involved in a single incident. Normally we see wrecks like these on the super speedways, but really all drivers need to create one of these crashes is to get loose coming off of a turn and slid across the banking. However, if you look back to the 2009 Spring race, you saw some great racing action between drivers Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson, who were then battling for the points lead as Stewart came out the winner. Unfortunately, if you also look into the wrecks of the year's races you see Joey Logano setting the track record for most flips for a single car in one accident. This year, we have yet to be heavily conquered by the monster, but a new winner emerged as Kyle Busch took the checkered flag in the Spring race.

      The point I am trying to make is that anything can happen at this racetrack so it is a fantasy team's nightmare. However, I am writing this story on a prediction, so let's get to it. Jimmie Johnson has always been pretty good at this track, but it will be EXTREMELY hard to make a come back after last week's mechanical failure with his right front tire bringing home a 25th place finish. Tony Stewart has been pretty good as well, but with his finish being as bad as Johnson's I don't believe he will be able to be too big of a factor in this race. The Busch brothers have always been hot at this track, and now with younger brother Kyle looking to sweep the year at the track, their chances look pretty good combined or separate. Who else has been good here? Well, why not look at the Roush-Fenway garage. Matt Kenseth is normally in the top 5 and will keep his head up in the front. I say he will at best bring home a top 10 finish. Greg Biffle is also pretty good at Dover.........when he isn't involved in one of its wrecks. I say if he stays out of trouble he might be able to look at a top 5. Carl Edwards isn't bad either, he's won a couple times at the track, and sure knows his way around. I predict he'll get around a top 10 run as well. What about Kasey Kahne? He has been cheated out of possible wins multiple times at the track, and after a good run at New Hampshire maybe he can bring that momentum to Delaware and bring home a top 10 or 15. Also, make sure to watch Clint Bowyer this week. He's hot hot hot off his win at New Hampshire, and looking to bring another great finish for Richard Childress Racing. Not only that, but his stats at the speedway aren't to bad either with an average finish around the top 10 and 15.

       My only question to you the readers this week is, "What will be the spotlight on this week, the wrecks or the racing?"