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About us:

The Racing Experts is an auto racing media outlet founded in August of 2010.

TRE is headquartered in New Mexico, USA with staff located across the country. Our reporters cover breaking news as well as feature and commentary pieces.

Terms and Conditions:

DISCLAIMER: The content posted on this site, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted by The Racing Experts 2010-2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Dominic Aragon Editor-in-Chief

Stanton Barrett; Driver Analyst
Geoff Bodine; 
Driver Analyst

Steven Ellis; Motorsports Journalist
James Jackson; Motorsports Journalist
Zachary Lange; Motorsports Journalist
Kyle McFadden; Motorsports Journalist
Justin Melillo; Motorsports Journalist

Brian DeGruchy; Motorsports Photographer
Cheri Eaton; Motorsports Photographer
Paul Ellis; Motorsports Photographer
Marcus Leno; Motorsports Photographer
Chris Madrid; Motorsports Photographer 
Austin McFadden; Motorsports Photographer
Dante Ricci; Motorsports Photographer
Franklin Romero; Motorsports Photographer, Consultant
Kyle Stephens; Motorsports Photographer

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