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‘Hail Melon’ racecar to be preserved

Photo by Kyle Stephens/TRE

Trackhouse Racing will preserve Ross Chastain’s “Hail Melon” No. 1 Chevrolet from the Cup Series Martinsville 2022 Playoff race.

Trackhouse Racing co-owner Justin Marks took to Twitter Wednesday, Feb. 1, to announce that the racecar that Ross Chastain used to wall-ride the outside retaining wall on the last lap at Martinsville Speedway to secure a Championship 4 berth will be preserved “as best as possible.”

“Ross’ move at Martinsville was a historic moment and should be preserved for the fans for years to come,” Marks said.

Chastain picked up five positions and points with the move, enough to bump Denny Hamlin from Championship 4 eligibility and earn Chastain his first Cup Series Championship 4 appearance.

Photo by Dominic Aragon/TRE

Chastain ultimately finished second at Phoenix — and in points — to 2022 champion Joey Logano.

NASCAR announced on Tuesday, Jan. 31, any type of wall-riding tactic would levy a time penalty.

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Marks said keeping the car in its current state and not using it in future races would cost the team “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” but the rule change NASCAR made helped make the decision for the team.

“This sport isn’t just about the balance sheet,” Marks said. “It’s about passion and moments and people.”

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