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Brian Keselowski’s 2011 Plans

By Dominic Aragon

As we draw closer to Daytona, as of now, there are only two drivers attempting for Rookie-of-the-Year honors. One of those drivers, Brian Keselowski, is hoping to run the full schedule.

“I planned on running a full schedule, but so far, we haven’t been able to put it all together. We’re planning on doing Daytona, and we’re going to wait and see from there. We might wait until after the first part of the season gets over with,” said Keselowski.

“It’s going to depend on our money, and how much sponsorship we might be able to draw.”

Keselowski says that with the current rules that the Nationwide Series came out with, his team could not race this upcoming season.

“We decided that … it wasn’t much more expensive to run the Sprint Cup Series. If we’re going to spend that kind of money, we might as well go Cup racing. It’s not going to be easy, but we want to race.”

With plans on going racing, a second car from K-Automotive Motorsports going to the track could be likely for the team. “I’m not going to make an everyday deal out of that. It’s not going to happen for a while.” For this second car, Dennis Setzer might try at a few races. “Dennis is good at places like Martinsville, and it will be smart to bring someone that knows their way around the place.”

With sponsorship looking questionable, K-Automotive and Brian Keselowski will try to keep starting and parking to a minimum. Keselowski says that there are some small things lined up for Speedweeks, and even has a chance with another driver to run the Budweiser Shootout, but there is no primary sponsorship lined up for his car.

“We never wanted to start and park, but we did because we wanted to race, Keselowski said. If we start and park a few times, that’s fine, but I don’t want to make a career of it. If I can race, that’s great, but if I have to end up having to start and park the whole time, I will find something else to do.

It’s not what I’m interested and I want to race.”

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