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Corey Heim penalized for on-track actions at Phoenix

NASCAR penalized Corey Heim for his on-track actions in the Craftsman Truck Series race Friday at Phoenix Raceway.

The sanctioning body docked 25 points from Heim and fined him $12,500. The penalties drop the TRICON Garage driver to fourth in driver points.

On lap 120 of 150, Carson Hocevar dove into turn one underneath Corey Heim. Hocevar’s truck drifted up the track and into Heim, causing Heim to spin and Stewart Friesen to collaterally wreck.

Then, with three laps to go and the running order shuffled around to put Heim in front, Hocevar caught him. As he tried passing Heim exiting turn two, Heim drifted up and caused Hocevar to slam the wall, bringing out a caution.

When asked if he stood by the move, Heim said, “Ask him if he stands by the first one. I mean, he wrecked me and then I got my right rear destroyed. From there, I had no sideforce and he put it on my door, and I lost control.”

Meanwhile, the caution erased Grant Enfinger’s solid championship lead.

Four overtimes later, Ben Rhodes was the champion – not Enfinger.

Photo by Jonathan Fjeld/TRE

“I feel like we had it in our grasp, and I felt like we had it in control until that caution comes out there at the end. So sure [this title was stolen from me],” Enfinger said.

Section 4.4.B of the NASCAR rulebook specifies penalties for intentionally wrecking someone and manipulating the outcome of a race and/or a championship.

The sanctioning body cited this section when penalizing Heim, reflecting their belief that Heim intentionally wrecked Hocevar which manipulated the outcomes of the race and championship Friday.

Heim will race the No. 11 TRICON Garage Toyota Tundra again in 2024. These penalties will have no bearing on him when next season starts.

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  1. Horcivoir is just as dirty and should have been parked when he took out Heim and Freeze. See his interview he didn’t care about the wreck.

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