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Geoff Bodine revives “Geoff’s Journal” articles

MAY 17, 2023

Driver, (re)start your writing!

18-time NASCAR Cup Series winner Geoff Bodine is back with The Racing Experts as a Driver Analyst.

Throughout the year, Bodine will share his thoughts on hot topics of the sport and reminisce on his days behind-the-wheel.

“I am happy to revive ‘Geoff’s Journal’ and stay connected to the NASCAR fanbase,” Bodine said. “You’ll be seeing me comment on a lot of different topics throughout the season.”

Bodine, one of NASCAR’s 75 Greatest Drivers, and The Racing Experts go back a ways. The NASCAR great trusted TRE with his retirement news in 2012 and contributed to the motorsports outlet from 2015-2020.

Bodine gives fans a look behind the curtain and a glimpse into the NASCAR garage with his knowledge and insight as a racer, including his experience winning the 1986 Daytona 500 and relationships with drivers like Dale Earnhardt and David Pearson.

“It’s exciting to have Geoff back with us,” said Dominic Aragon, editor-in-chief for The Racing Experts. “Fans really enjoy what a driver thinks or has to say on topics in the sport, and I think his candid and honest thoughts are what the fans appreciate the most.”

Photo by Franklin Romero/TRE

Bodine will write articles throughout the year, leading up to the 2024 release of a book detailing his career and life.

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