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iRacing Road-To-Pro Week 3 – Homestead Stats, Quirks, and Social Media Buzz

Homestead-Miami Speedway was the site for the Road-To-Pro action on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020. Photo by Justin Melillo / TRE via

THE VIRTUAL HOMESTEAD-MIAMI, Fla. – Round three is in the books for the 2020 iRacing Road-To-Pro Series. Homestead-Miami Speedway played host to 19 splits on Tuesday evening, with Jordy Lopez, Jr. (7149 iRating, 1st in points) once again taking the top honors in the Top split.

Homestead-Miami Speedway is well known as it’s time as the championship decider, the season ending race weekend for the Top 3 NASCAR divisions, but in 2020, it was moved to earlier in the calendar year, replaced at the end with Phoenix Raceway for the foreseeable future.

A 1.5 mile oval that was reconfigured in 2003 to it’s current layout, Homestead-Miami Speedway is once of the most unique courses on the NASCAR schedule. Unlike most 1.5 mile-ovals, there is no tri-oval or quad-oval on the front stretch, but simply a pair of long straightaways connected by two sets of long, sweeping corners.

In the closing laps in the Top split, Lopez, Jr. was able to hold off Daniel Roeper (7433 iRating, 149th in points), last week’s Top split winner, Ryan Doucette (7271 iRating, 2nd in points), and Donovan Strauss (7465 iRating, 13th in points) for the win, with all of the Top 4 trucks under a blanket after 134 caution-free laps.

The other split winners from Tuesday night included:

2nd Split: Nicholas Morse (7052 iRating, 76th in points)
3rd Split: Brad Wright (6345 iRating, 5th in points)
4th Split: Ethan Lane (5937 iRating, 8th in points)
5th Split: Rajah Caruth (5541 iRating, 17th in points)
6th Split: Josh Parker (5004 iRating, 80th in points)
7th Split: Brandon Coppinger (4681 iRating, 98th in points)
8th Split: Johnathan Shipman (4546 iRating, 97th in points)
9th Split: Keith Maiato (3715 iRating, 347th in points)
10th Split: Adam Matz (3466 iRating, 156th in points)
11th Split: Luis Salmaso (3182 iRating, 439th in points)
12th Split: Ryan Gemmell (2918 iRating, 244th in points)
13th Split: Ken Robnett (2465 iRating, 501st in points)
14th Split: Shawn Kimball (2344 iRating, 298th in points)
15th Split: Zach York (2050 iRating, 561st in points)
16th Split: Michael Henry4 (1812 iRating, 385th in points)
17th Split: Bill Schoonover (1543 iRating, 634th in points)
18th Split: Andrew Schroeder (1486 iRating, 488th in points)
19th Split: Jonathan Lovero2 (867 iRating, 791st in points)

Four drivers earned their second victory of the 2020 Road-To-Pro season at Homestead.

-Lopez, Jr. won at Daytona International Speedway in week one.
-Lane, Kimball, and Henry4 were winners in week two at Rockingham Speedway.

60 drivers have at least one win on the season after three races.

Dan Lowther (1134 iRating, 803rd in points) led the most laps out of anyone on Tuesday night, 106 laps led in the Bottom split, but he ended up finishing in second.

Robnett, in the 13th split, only led one lap, but it was the most important one, the last one.

132 drivers led at least one lap, with 113 of those drivers leading multiple laps.

Only four splits went into eNASCAR Overtime (3rd, 10th, 14th, and 16th splits). As mentioned before, the Top split went caution-free. The 16th split ran the most laps, completing 150 laps for a scheduled 134 laps.

Seven drivers have finished in the Top 5 in all three events so far, including series points leader Lopez, Jr.

The current Top 20 in the points:

  1. Jordy Lopez, Jr.(7149 iRating, Top split in Week 3) 1160 points
  2. Ryan Doucette (7271 iRating, Top split in Week 3) 1052 points
  3. Seth DeMerchant (8202 iRating, Top split in Week 3) 1026 points
  4. Mitchell Hunt (6601 iRating, 2nd split in Week 3) 1013 points
  5. Brad Wright (6345 iRating, 3rd split in Week 3) 980 points
  6. Brodie Kostecki (6349 iRating, 3rd split in Week 3) 945 points
  7. Zack Nichols (6812 iRating, 2nd split in Week 3) 941 points
  8. Ethan Lane (5937 iRating, 4th split in Week 3) 940 points
  9. Adam Gilliland (6580 iRating, 2nd split in Week 3) 921 points
  10. Drew Faryniarz (7383 iRating, Top split in Week 3) 921 points
  11. Cody Byus (7302 iRating, Top split in Week 3) 886 points
  12. Jake Matheson (6922 iRating, 2nd split in Week 3) 884 points
  13. Donovan Strauss (7465 iRating, Top split in Week 3) 873 points
  14. Christian Pedersen (6043 iRating, 3rd split in Week 3) 865 points
  15. Jacob Hall (7206 iRating, Top split in Week 3) 853 points
  16. Jarrett Liebert (7108 iRating, Top split in Week 3) 847 points
  17. Rajah Caruth (5541 iRating, 5th split in Week 3) 824 points
  18. Aaron Rodgers (4867 iRating, 6th split in Week 3) 813 points
  19. Darik Bourdeau (7389 iRating, Top split in Week 3) 813 points
  20. Mitchell deJong (6646 iRating, 2nd split in Week 3) 802 points

Strauss, Liebert, Caruth, Rodgers, and deJong are new additions to the Top 20 after the third event of 2020.

Six drivers in the Top 20 in the standings participated in splits outside of the Top split and 2nd split in Week 3, most notably Caruth and Rodgers, 17th and 18th respectively, currently in from the 5th and 6th splits.

The following drivers fell out of the Top 20 from Week 2 to Week 3:

Joey Israelson (5725 iRating, 65th in points, 4th split in Week 3)
Brian Mercurio (6648 iRating, 22nd in points, 2nd split in Week 3)
Collin Bowden (5980 iRating, 57th in points, 3rd split in Week 3)
Will Norton (7050 iRating, 44th in points, Top split in Week 3)
Ryan Libby (5021 iRating, 23rd in points, 6th split in Week 3) 



Five drivers scored zero points in Week 3. Six drivers altogether have scored zero points through the entire season, only having attempted one race each.

244 drivers were incident free on Tuesday night at Homestead-Miami.

Shawn Parker6 (1846 iRating, 999th in points) was the only driver who incurred a Stop-and-Go pit penalty for going over the 17-incident mark, as he had 19 incidents on Tuesday.

No driver in three weeks has hit the 25-incident limit and gotten disqualified from their race.

That is impressive. Good job, all!

Dylan Ackart (3949 iRating, 188th in points) now has the most incidents in the entire series, at 38 incident points through three weeks.

Kristoffer Hamann (2323 iRating, 931st in points) makes the report for the same, wrong reason again. Hamaan again has the least amount of points with three starts, only with 33 points earned over said races.

In the two week period, it should be noted that Hamann did increase his iRating by over 600, and he did more than quadruple his earned points from Week 2. Still, he has won this title for another week.



Here are some of the community highlights from Tuesday night’s race at Homestead-Miami:


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Next Tuesday, the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series heads to Richmond Raceway for the fifth round of the 2020 season. Broadcast will be on at 9:00 pm ET on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020.

In two weeks, the Road-To-Pro will be at Atlanta Motor Speedway for their fourth event of the season. Broadcast of the Top split will be live on Podium eSports at 9:00 pm ET on Tuesday, April 21st, 2020.

The next eNASCAR Pro Invitational Series event is expected to be live on FOX and FOX Sports at 1:00 pm ET on Sunday, April 19th, 2020, live at the virtual Richmond Raceway.

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