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NASCAR, Hendrick Motorsports respond to penalty appeal decision

The National Motorsports Appeals Panel ruled Wednesday to overturn Hendrick Motorsports’ L2 points penalties for parts violations at Phoenix Raceway.

Hendrick Motorsports and NASCAR responded with these statements

Hendrick Motorsports
“We are grateful to the National Motorsports Appeals Panel for their time and attention. Today’s outcome reflects the facts, and we’re pleased the panel did the right thing by overturning the points penalty. It validated our concerns regarding unclear communication and other issues we raised. We look forward to focusing on the rest of our season, beginning with this weekend’s race at Richmond (Raceway).”

“We are pleased that the National Motorsports Appeals Panel agreed that Hendrick Motorsports violated the rule book. However, we are disappointed that the entirety of the penalty was not upheld. A points penalty is a strong deterrent that is necessary to govern the garage following rule book violations, and we believe that it was an important part of the penalty in this case and moving forward. We will continue to inspect and officiate the NASCAR garage at the highest level of scrutiny to ensure a fair and level playing field for our fans and the entire garage.”

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