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NASCAR will not revoke charter from Rick Ware Racing

NASCAR confirmed they will not use a clause in the Cup Series charter system to revoke a charter owned by Rick Ware Racing.

The charter system has a clause in the “Minimum Performance Standards,” specifying NASCAR can revoke a charter if it finishes in the Bottom Three three years in a row.

Photo by Dominic Aragon/TRE

The No. 51 charter finished in the bottom three the past two years. Now, it sits 34th in owner points and faced NASCAR invoking that clause.

However, NASCAR confirmed they don’t plan on doing that.

A NASCAR representative stated the clause was put in place to protect against “start-and-park entries” and that RWR did not fit that.

“We did not feel that it fit this situation. NASCAR has seen Rick Ware invest more in his teams this season, and the team has presented plans to improve further in future seasons,” a NASCAR representative told TRE.

Photo of Justin Haley by Dominic Aragon/TRE

NASCAR cited the organization’s existing engine program in place with Yates Engines. They also cited its existing technical alliance with RFK Racing and signing a proven driver, Justin Haley, for 2024.

Rick Ware Racing also has its No. 15 charter, which sits 35th in owner points.

J.J. Yeley told TRE he is working on sponsorship to drive that car in 2024.

However, the organization hasn’t confirmed any drivers for the No. 15 yet.


2023 (currently)Rick Ware #51 (3; was Rick Ware #15 in 2022)Rick Ware #15 (2; was Rick Ware #51)LiveFast #78 (2)
2022Rick Ware #15 (2)Rick Ware #51LiveFast #78
2021Rick Ware #15Rick Ware #53 (2)StarCom #00 (2)
2020StarCom #00Rick Ware #53Petty-Ware #51 (2)
2019Petty-Ware #51Spire #77Rick Ware #52
2018Starcom #00BK Racing #23 (2)Rick Ware #51 (became Petty 43 after 2018)
2017Premium #15BK Racing #23Circle Sport/TMG #33
2016HScott #46GoFas #32Baldwin #7

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