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Tifft & McLeod to partner with Circle Sport, GoFAS to run part-time in ’21

Matt Tifft and B.J. McLeod announced Friday they have acquired GoFAS Racing owner Archie St. Hilaire’s ownership stake in Circle Sport Racing’s charter.

The announcement comes a day after GoFAS announced that they would scale back from full-time Cup racing in 2021, relinquishing ownership stake in Circle Sport’s charter as a result.

GoFAS plans to do 5-6 races in 2021, with Keen Parts expected as a sponsor and Ryan Ellis as the driver. However, nothing has been officially announced regarding a sponsor or a driver for GoFAS.

A driver for the new Tifft/McLeod partnership is unclear, with Tifft’s health in question making a return to racing not immediate. However, it is expected that McLeod will use the charter to support his Cup operations that he started this season.


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