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The team at Windshield Deep is back with another big virtual Super Late Model event, this time in conjunction with Richmond Raceway, Sim Seats, Blue Emu, and more

(VIRTUAL) RICHMOND, Va. — On December 26th and 27th, Windshield Deep will be hosting another virtual short track challenge for the iRacing Super Late Model enthusiasts.

In conjunction with the team at Richmond Raceway, as well as Blue Emu, Sim Seats, and Dexter’s Detailing, the BLUE EMU SHORTTRACK SHOOTOUT Presented by Sim Seats will take place at the virtual Richmond Raceway on the Motorsports Simulation.

The main event on Sunday will be 200 laps around the 0.75 mile short oval, and will be fought out among 36 drivers. $1,000 is guaranteed to the winner, and the total purse is over $2,200.

“The Thanksgiving Classic was a major success and a great learning experience for us when it comes to event hosting,” Landon Huffman of Windshield Deep told The Racing Experts. “We have changed the format to create a better, smoother qualification process that gives drivers a more honest shot at making the big show.

“Blue Emu, Sim Seats, Richmond Raceway and all of our partners have stepped up in a big way to bring yet another super late model event to the community. We are excited to watch the Windshield Deep Blue Emu Short Track Shootout unfold and look forward to watching clean, hard racing under the lights.”

To make up the 36-driver field, qualifying for the Top 10 spots will take place on Saturday evening from 5:00 pm ET until 6:00 pm ET. After that, a trio of heat races will set the majority of the field, advancing 18 drivers to the main event. A pair of C-main events will give a couple of lower qualified drivers a chance at one of the last chance races on Sunday.

The two LCQ’s on Sunday will advance the final eight drivers to the show, four from each 25 lap race. Finally, the main event will take place at 4:00 pm ET.

Through their Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook pages, Windshield Deep will host all events live.

It will only cost $25 to enter the event, and the Top 20 finishers are guaranteed a payout. Signups can be found through the Windshield Deep Twitter. More information can be found HERE.

Alex McCollum won the Dexter’s Detailing Thanksgiving Classic last month at the virtual Southern National Motorsports Park. That event saw great success, with 78 drivers registered for that event. The Windshield Deep team hopes to get an even bigger turnout this time around.

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