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Chastain on 2019: ‘This has been one of the busiest years of my life’

By Jonathan Fjeld

NEWTON, Iowa — Ross Chastain has had a very busy 2019, to say the very least.

Before last Monday’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Michigan, Chastain had run every race in the top three NASCAR series and done at least double-duty each weekend.

This weekend marks the first time Chastain will run just one race during a weekend. However, he has still been busy with many engagements.

“I was in Cleveland Tuesday, Wednesday with sponsors and flew to Vegas Thursday and did Ron Fellows’ driving school, and that was two red-eye flights involved to get here,” Chastain said.

Chastain noted that even though he’s not in the Xfinity race, he’ll still be around the series’ garage area helping out.

“I’m only focusing on the truck but I am helping Vinnie Miller with BJ McLeod… and help Vinnie with some of his stuff,” he said. “I’m gonna run the Xfinity car a little bit and get some laps for him.”

Chastain remarked on how being a driver means not only putting it all out there on the track, but also off the track.

“This has been one of the busiest years of my life and that includes midweek stuff and trying to prepare for these races, but also the business side.

“You’re trying to put your best foot forward on the track but also off, it’s all business. I’m not a baseball fan and I didn’t know a lot of the players for the Indians and Reds, but I went there because I knew it’d be good for my racing career.”

Chastain is 35th in points entering the M&Ms 200 and is 64 points behind 20th place Anthony Alfredo.

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