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Gordon, Byron comment on Darlington throwback scheme

CONCORD, N.C.Friday afternoon, Jeff Gordon, William Byron and NASCAR artist Sam Bass walked into the Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Center with a big smile on their faces.

As they approached the front of the media center, all three men stood next to an object covered with a black cloth. As the cloth was removed, the media center erupted with applause.

Under that cloth was rookie William Byron’s Darlington paint scheme, revealed in a painting created by Sam Bass. The painting was the No. 24 “Rainbow Warrior” car in the style of the new 2018 Camaro, riding on the highbanks at Darlington Raceway.

As the three gentleman sat down next to one another, the floor was open to questions. The Racing Experts opened the news conference by asking Gordon how it felt being honored at Darlington.

“Yeah it’s cool,” Gordon said as cuckle let out. “I love that, I love that weekend. I think what Darlington has done there is just incredible. I know as a race fan I really excited to see what is going to come out of the garage.

“It brings back the history of the sport. I have moved on from driving and I love the fact that I’ve had a role in the history of the sport. I think William (Byron) has done an amazing job representing the 24 car.

“I think that to see a young up-and-coming future star of our sport get behind the wheel of that rainbow paint scheme brings back a lot of memories for me. I’m really proud of what I accomplished in the car but I’m proud of what he’s going to accomplish in it also.”

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The leader in the Rookie-of-the-Year standings, William Byron, added on to that comment made by Gordon.

“I think obviously Jeff has a huge history in the sport,” Byron said. “To follow that and be able to I guess kind of carry his legacy on hopefully and have success with it is my goal. That’s kind of my plan and it’s a lot of fun to have the chance to do that.”


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