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Kyle Busch apologizes for Mexican airport incident

On Monday, Kyle Busch apologized for an incident at Cancun Airport where, in late-January, officials found a handgun in his bag.

On Jan. 27, Busch was departing from the airport after a vacation with his wife. Officials screened his bag and found his .380-caliber pistol-type gun and ammo, the attorney general’s office in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo said.

Busch said he had a valid concealed carry permit from local authorities and adhered to all handgun laws in the U.S., but forgot the gun was in the bag.

On Feb. 3, Busch was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison and a fine of around $1,100 USD. The attorney general stated he was convicted of carrying a firearm without a license and possessing cartridges exclusively used by the Armed Forces.

Article 62 of Quintana Roo’s penal code specifies a judge can commute a prison sentence if it doesn’t exceed four years. However, the judge can also require the offender to pay an additional fine, based on their economic conditions, to be freed.

Busch said he accepted the penalties imposed on him and returned to the U.S., in time for opening Busch Light Clash practice on Feb. 4.

While Busch’s $1,100 USD fine is known, the terms of his commutation were not specified.

Busch will not face any penalties from NASCAR as he informed the sanctioning body of the detainment within an appropriate time.

Statement from Kyle Busch

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