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Matt Crafton, Nick Sanchez penalized for Talladega fight

NASCAR penalized Matt Crafton, Nick Sanchez and Sanchez’s dad for their involvement in a post-race fight at Talladega.

The sanctioning body hit Crafton with a $25,000 fine and Sanchez with a $5,000 fine.

Meanwhile, Sanchez’s dad, Rene, was suspended for his involvement in the fight.

Sanchez and Crafton made contact on track Saturday that sparked a wreck and took Crafton out.

Crafton parked his truck near Sanchez’s pit stall and gestured to his team.

Following a 7th-place finish, Sanchez was walking in the garage when he said Crafton tapped him on the shoulder and punched him in the face.

Crafton had a different perspective, saying he tapped Sanchez on the shoulder, said “Hi” and then was threatened by Sanchez before things turned physical.

NASCAR executive Elton Sawyer said Tuesday they fined Crafton because he had time to cool off before he confronted Sanchez.

Sawyer also said they fined Sanchez for the threats he made to Crafton and suspended Sanchez’s dad for getting involved in the fight.

NASCAR has a precedent of suspending anyone who gets into a fight happening between two drivers. The sanctioning body would rather have the two drivers settle it amongst themselves than there be a large brawl, such as what happened at Texas in 2014.

A media member captured the brawl in progress and the aftermath. Sanchez is seen with a bloodied face, levying threats against Crafton.

Sanchez had noticeable marks on his face and told the media afterward the medics “glued him back together.”

His dad’s suspension will go through the end of the year.

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