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Rowdy Energy to sponsor Monday Night Racing Season 4

On Wednesday morning, Monday Night Racing announced that Rowdy Energy would be the entitlement sponsor for the Pro Series in Season 4. The deal came together between NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch, his energy drink company Rowdy Energy, and Monday Night Racing Co-Owner Ford Martin.

“It’s cool to be able to support what the guys at Monday Night Racing have built,” Busch said. “It’s a great group of iRacers from all backgrounds of the racing world that put on one hell of a show.

“Rowdy Energy has been supporting the iRacing community since we started, and we see it as an ideal fit from all the positive responses we’ve gotten from the fans and racers. Tune in and Let’s Get Rowdy on November 1st!”    

With the entitlement sponsorship, Busch himself will race full-time in Season 4 as he looks to add more wins to his iRacing résumé, already having a pair of victories in previous seasons.

“Monday Night Racing is extremely honored to be partnered with Kyle Busch and Rowdy Energy,” said Ford Martin, Co-Founder of Monday Night Racing. “Kyle has been a part of Monday Night Racing since Season 1 and has been a major reason why MNR has been successful today.

“Kyle has also been a big advocate for Esports and iRacing, and partnering with Rowdy Energy is a major win for both sides to reach new fan bases that love racing and Esports. We can’t thank Kyle and the folks at Rowdy Energy enough and look forward to a great season.”


The other competitors will be looking to best Busch as there will be Rowdy prizes on the line every week. Every new winner in the fourth season, regardless of previous wins in the series, will win a case of Rowdy Energy. Every race winner in general will earn $50 except at the three Crown Jewel races, where they will win $100. Podium finishers will also earn cash prizes, still to be determined.

The Championship 4 drivers also get cash prizes at the end of the year thanks to the entitlement. The Champion wins $500, and all four Championship 4 drivers will get payouts, those of which are to be determined as well.

The three Crown Jewels include the season opening race at Daytona Int’l Speedway, the Porsche race at the Red Bull Ring on January 10th, and the Rowdy Energy Fan Vote All Star Race on December 27th.

Monday Night Racing fans will determine the venue of the Rowdy Energy All-Star event with a social media fan vote featuring Rowdy Energy engagement. Fans will be asked to tweet a picture of their favorite Rowdy Energy flavor on the Monday Night Racing Twitter post that will occur two weeks before the race.

The winning flavor and track combination will be run, and the fans that voted for that combination will be placed into a drawing. One lucky Monday Night Racing fan will win a personalized message from Kyle and their own case of Rowdy Energy.


The schedule for Season 4 has been updated, and the biggest change is the removal of the Round of 13. Only 10 drivers will now qualify for the Season 4 playoffs, and the Round of 10 takes on a third event.

Michigan Int’l Speedway with the 1987 cars moves into the regular season while the Round of 10 takes in Talladega Trucks from the former Round of 13. Iowa will now host Trucks instead of ARCA cars in the Round of 7. New Atlanta has been removed and replaced with Phoenix Raceway in the NEXT Gen cars. Finally, Charlotte in the Trucks becomes Chicagoland in Xfinity cars.

There are three races now in which Road To Glory drivers can definitely fill spots by winning their race on the same night. The Daytona MX5 race, the Knoxville Trucks race and the Red Bull Ring Porsche race are the only three races where the Road To Glory league winner advances to Pro Series race on the same night.


Something that’s been discussed and done at a smaller level before is now becoming a bigger reality thanks to a well known designer in the NASCAR community. Noah Sweet, also known as Lefty, will be working together with Monday Night Racing in Season 4 to produce the MNR Store.

Per Martin, Lefty will be designing a Monday Night Racing logo shirt and individual T-Shirts for the Pro Series Roster. The shirts for each driver will be all the same design, but it will be cool for us in the series to have our own personalized merchandise to offer fans of the series.

The season begins on November 1st at Daytona Int’l Speedway. Robby Lyons will look to start his defense of the Season 3 championship the same night.

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